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All yoga and meditation sessions in-person have now been temporarily suspended in order to comply with the current Australian Government requirements for Covid-19 social distancing. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!


Mindfulness Meditation /iRest® Yoga Nidra

Being at Ease
Listen to Your Body

Yoga Courses

Did you know that Yoga was originally taught on a one on one basis, student and yoga practitioner?

This ensured that the student’s alignment and personal yoga needs could be observed and if needed, adjusted to allow the full benefits of their yoga practice.

Personal yoga sessions provide an opportunity for beginners to gain confidence and more experienced participants to explore their practice in a more personal and deeper level.

Some people may find personal sessions are a good way to begin to incorporate yoga into a daily home practice.

How Flexible Are You?

Flexibility Assessment and Posture Re-Alignment Package

What does it offer?

I have designed a 25-step protocol that assesses your flexibility from “head to toe”, using a variety of stretches, balance tests, and postural realignment. You will receive a detailed report as well as suggested yoga asanas that will be beneficial in improving the areas identified as being inflexible. This assessment is also intended to assist with improved postural self-awareness in correcting misalignment.

What are the benefits?

Correct alignment is an integral part of Hatha yoga practice and is essential to our overall health and well-being. There are many benefits associated with correct posture. These include better nervous system and organ functioning, better structural stability, reduced rate of degeneration and aging, reduced stress response and muscle tension, prevention of backache etc. When muscles are being used more efficiently, the body uses less energy. Most importantly, there is a feeling of well-being and upliftment.

Most people are not aware of their own incorrect posture. In this assessment, you will gain greater awareness of your posture, which will lead to conscious self-correction. You will receive a report and asana practice suggestions at the end of the program.

Yoga practice encourages the body to move in a variety of ways, through a range of motions. To achieve this, asanas may be performed whilst seated, lying down, standing, forward and backward bending and twists. Each asana provides the body with an opportunity to explore itself and its relationship in the space that it inhabits.

Becoming more flexible offers a number of benefits: better quality of life thanks to greater joint mobility, a decrease of muscle tension, decrease of back pain, better injury prevention and more vitality with improved energy flow. Correct alignment and enhanced flexibility increase also your enjoyment in yoga and meditation practice.

Cost:  1 hour @ $70 per class (with a minimum of 4 classes, 1 class per week is recommended)

Special:  Pre-book 4 classes and pay $200 - Save $80. Package includes assessment and yoga program.

The program is suitable for one person and suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility.

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Understand Your Asana

Yoga Postures (Asanas) Correction/Improvement Package

Clients will be emailed prior to the commencement of their first session, a list of approximately 20 fundamental yoga postures. From these, you will choose the ones that you would like to master or gain a greater understanding. You will receive a handout with your selected asanas at the end of the course.

The benefits of a correct yoga practice cannot be overstated. Each pose provides positive outcomes. These may include calming of the mind, increased energy, strengthening of the core, balance and endurance to name a few.

Yoga asanas practised correctly, benefit us; incorrectly practised, can injure us. Yoga postures rectify alignment, which opens the energy body, allowing the energy to flow with ease. In group classes, we don’t always get to be re-aligned individually, which may mean some students spend years doing a pose incorrectly.

This program is suitable for absolute beginners as well as long-term yoga students. This program is also ideal for people with certain physical restrictions, whether through injuries, surgeries or from birth. Every pose can be modified by incorporating props, like bolsters, chairs, and blocks if necessary, so everyone is able to participate in a yoga practice.

Cost:  1 hour @ $70 per class (with a minimum of 4 classes, 1 class per week is recommended)

Special:  Pre-book 4 classes and pay $200 - Save $80. 

The program is suitable for one or two people, all ages and levels of flexibility.

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Love Your Chakras

Yoga & Chakras Program - A Complete Life Review

We have seven major Chakras (energy centres in the subtle body), each one affecting certain aspects of our lives. They influence how we communicate, affect our instincts, our personal power and how we connect to our spirituality. The Chakra system allows us to look at the integration of mind, body and spirit thereby offering us an opportunity to find balance in our lives.

This program explores the physical, mental and emotional wisdom of chakras. Every chakra is connected to the physical body through a particular nerve plexus, which is associated with particular glands, organs and muscles in the body. We will explore the psycho-somatic connection using physical asanas and theoretical questions and exercises, which will be included in a comprehensive manual.

This program offers a complete life review, looking at areas of instincts (base chakra), sexuality (sacral chakra), personal power (solar plexus), relationships (heart chakra),  communication (throat chakra), intuition (third eye), spirituality (crown chakra) and has proven to be very insightful to the clients in the past.

Cost:  1 hour @ $70 per class (with minimum 9 classes)

Special:  Pre-book 9 classes and pay $450 - Save $180. 

This is a 9 classes program including Introduction to the Chakra System, 7 Major Chakras and Integration sessions. A minimum of 1 class per week is recommended.

The program is suitable for one or two people, all ages and levels of flexibility.

Please contact me for 2 people discount.

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Yoga as Therapy

Tailor Made for YOU

Even though the primary purpose of yoga was to prepare the body for long periods of meditation, yoga has been proven to help healing or managing various dis-eases and imbalances in the body. Using certain yoga postures (in correct sequences) we can aid healing our organs: kidneys, liver, gallbladder, stomach/ boost immune system/ increase fertility/ decrease problems like high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety/ assist in managing menopause etc. This program is a perfect opportunity to have a tailor-made personal program to assist with your healing and/or toning, balance and flexibility etc. The program will include physical yoga postures as well as breathing techniques and meditation suggestions when necessary.

Cost:  1 hour @ $70 per class (with minimum 4 classes)

Special:  Pre-book 4 classes and pay $200 - Save $80. 

Package includes a tailor-made program handout.

This program is suitable for one person, all ages and levels of flexibility.

A minimum of 1 class per week is recommended.

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Mindfulness Meditation -iRest® Yoga Nidra

Being at Ease

Complete iRest Yoga Nidra program

iRest Yoga Nidra is a powerfully grounding meditation practice that is highly healing, rejuvenating and restoring. Using a 10-Step protocol the client will gain tools to re-connect with the body, understand the breathing more deeply, work through difficult feelings and emotions, identify self-limiting beliefs and arrive at a sense of Joy and Well-being through sensing into Pure Awareness that is always present, calm and at ease.

These private sessions offer an opportunity to debrief and ask questions and offer a tailor-made practice of deep relaxation and increased self-awareness. The client will receive a 20 pages iRest Yoga Nidra workbook with theoretical information as well as exercises.

For more in-depth information please visit:

My training is from the Integrative Restoration Institute in the United States. For more information, please visit their official website:

The complete iRest Yoga Nidra program consists of 8 classes.

This package can also be offered as 4 or 6 classes. Please call to discuss this limited option.

A minimum of 1 class per week is recommended.

Cost:  1 hour @ $60 per class including iRest Yoga Nidra manual

Special:  Pre-book 8 classes and pay $400 - Save $80. 

The program is suitable for one or two people.

Please contact me for 2 people discount.

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Listen to Your Body

Co-meditation Sessions

Deep down we all want to be ‘heard’, ‘listened to’ and ‘understood’.  Co-Meditation is a more interactive version of iRest Yoga Nidra – a powerful one-on-one meditation session that offers deep listening in compassionate, non-judgmental space.  In Co-Meditation, the clients get the opportunity to listen to their own inner voice of wisdom and integrate challenging life experiences in an atmosphere of safety and complete acceptance.

iRest Co-Meditation is a way to meet difficult emotions, beliefs, and memories within the context of supported meditation.

Psychologists recommend these sessions as a psycho-somatic meditation, finding them particularly helpful for clients who are disconnected from their bodies and feelings due to trauma, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  The sessions, however, are suitable for anyone seeking more relaxation and increase of self-awareness.

Co-Meditation is NOT therapy. It is an opportunity for you to be in a safe space to listen to and seek your own messages from your intuition and wisdom.  As a facilitator, it is not my intention to offer advice or try to find your answers for you. This is your work and I act as a mirror for your thoughts and insights.

These One-on-One sessions are a way to tailor a meditation practice specifically to the needs of the client.

Unless the client is familiar with Yoga Nidra, the 8 classes program above is recommended.

Cost:  1 hour @ $60 per class (with a minimum of 4 weeks)

The program is suitable for one person.

Special:  Pre-book 4 classes and pay $200 - Save $80. 


Book Synopsis: Yoga Nidra’ by Richard Miller

’ One of the most enjoyable parts of a yoga class comes when we rest in savasana--the "corpse" pose--and realize deep serenity, a sense of effortless joy, and a glimpse into our true nature as unqualified presence. How is this so? Master teacher Richard Miller explains that this experience is a manifestation of yoga nidra, the meditative state of mind-body union at the heart of all yoga practice. A powerful integration of book and CD audio learning, Yoga Nidra is an ancient tantric yoga path that leads to inner freedom. Through accessible language appropriate for any level of practice, Miller takes us step-by-step through the traditional techniques of relaxation and meditation to help us move toward the realization of "unqualified presence"--the ultimate aim of yoga--a goal unreachable through posture practice alone. Through his expert guidance, students will experience: Deep relaxation for relief from day-to-day stress;  The development of "one-pointedness"--a key to spiritual awakening; Healing from painful emotions, such as fear, grief, and anger; More effective and energizing sleep, and much more.  Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners--but new to most Westerners--Yoga Nidra provides an unmatched way to experience the culmination of the art of yoga, and the deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual rewards that are its promise”

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